Here you can find information about the Blackwoods Series co-authored by Adaline McMillan

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Blackwoods: The Beginning

After living in an orphanage most of her life, Claire’s whole world is about to change. After she meets Vincent and the other members of the Blackwoods Coven, she discovers a realm of magic that she thought only existed in her dreams. Just as she gets accustomed to her new life, a new arrival flips the coven upside down.

“The story is captivating, the characters come alive on the page, and the world building is second to none. You must read this.” -SK (Starred Review)

"From the stunningly beautiful scenes, expertly painted with words, to the sympathetic protagonists and lovable supporting characters, to the fantastic world I can't wait to see explored further, Blackwoods: The Beginning is a solid open to an amazing series that I can't wait to see unfold." -Eve Johnson (Starred Review)


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Blackwoods: The Blades of Redwater

It’s been three years since Naomi, an empath, entered the Blackwoods Coven. Despite the turmoil her arrival caused, it seems that everyone has finally found their place. Redwater is expanding, the coven is adapting, and the magic is getting stronger. What’s better? Claire and Naomi are enjoying all of the benefits.  

When they witness a murder, however, their time of peace is coming to a violent close. With the whole city at risk, the coven has no choice but to stop the murders before it’s too late — and before the murderers find them.

Malik never imagined he would watch as a Minister was assassinated before his very eyes, but that’s exactly what happened. Now, all of Easthaven’s government is in disarray, and the future of the covens is uncertain. As the leader of the Carrion Coven, it’s his job to protect the covens of Easthaven, but this time, he just might fail. 

***Blackwoods: The Blades of Redwater will release in October 2019, and will be available for pre-order in August 2019.