Check out the characters from Blackwoods: The Beginning! All art was done by Kevin Schooler.



Feisty, strong-willed, and outspoken, Claire joined the Blackwoods Coven when she was only sixteen years old. Recruited by Vincent from the thriving city of Everton, she must adjust to a life outside the city. Luckily for her, she happens to love it. Claire has the unique gift of visions, though they aren't always convenient. Things won't always be easy in the coven, but with Naomi by her side, she just might make it out alive.



Don't let her small stature fool you, Naomi is a force to be reckoned with. Though kind, caring, and fiercely loyal, her entrance into the Blackwoods Coven will rock it to the core and threaten to tear it apart. To get through everything, she'll need to rely on her new friend and build a family in the wake of disaster.



There is nothing more difficult than being a coven leader, and that is something that Vincent knows all too well. His responsibilities go far beyond keeping his people safe, and Vincent will have to decide just how far he is willing to go. 



Intelligent and fearless, Dex is a power in his own right. As a beast master, he has a special connection with his pack of wolves that will prove essential to the coven’s survival. Dex will face challenges just like everyone else in the coven, but he’ll need his unique strengths to truly overcome them



Wandering into the Blackwoods forest in the dead of night, Aiden is the newest member of Blackwoods Coven. Sarcastic, open-minded, and desperately confused, he’s sure to be a very interesting addition to the coven.


Art by Kevin Schooler