What are the differences between all services you offer?

  • Critique: A critique is a constructive overview of your novel and your writing. This will include a detailed write up that evaluates your manuscript, along with applicable comments in the word document itself. This is an economical option for authors looking to get a professional opinion while they’re still in the writing process.

  • Developmental Edit: The developmental edit is far more in depth than the critique. Each chapter will receive its own detailed evaluation. This is the most rigorous type of edit, as it really picks apart the story and structure of your novel.

  • Line Edit: The line edit focuses on your voice and style as an author. We will ensure that your ideas are being clearly communicated. Issues line editing can fix are run-on sentences, overuse of a single sentence structure, confusing phrasing, awkward dialogue, redundant phrasing, and more. This is an essential step of the editing process.

  • Copy Edit: The copy edit is all about grammar and consistency. In addition to correcting grammar, we will be doing things such as ensuring words are hyphenated all the way through, capitalization is consistent, and numerals are written out appropriately. In addition, we will also be checking for continuity errors like a sudden change in a character’s hair color.

  • Proofread: A proofread is not a copyedit. Instead, it focuses on typos and minor grammatical errors.

Do I need all of these services?

No, and don’t let anyone tell you that you do. Proofreading and critiques are typically stand-alone services, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you order a copy edit, you do not need a proofread from us. We will double check our work, and copy edit functions as a proofread on steroids.

The most important edits are the line edits and copy edits.

Will my book be perfect?

Unfortunately, no, but we will do our best to get it as close to perfect as humanly possible.

What if I don’t agree with an edit?

This is inevitable, and it’s okay! Our objective is to work with you and make your novel the best it can be. Just email and ask why an edit was made. If you disagree still with it, that’s fine! Just don’t implement it. The point is to bring in a professional and experienced perspective.

What is a sample edit?

A sample edit is where we go through and edit the first 2000 words of your novel so you can see if you like our editing style.

Is there anything you won’t edit?

As a rule, no. Subject matter is not an issue. However, fact checking for fiction and non-fiction books is not available at this time.

Will you edit short stories?

Yes, but no sample edit will be provided.

How do I prepare for an edit?

Once you’ve booked, we will ask you various questions about your story and questions based on the type of edit you’ve requested. For example on a copy edit, we’ll ask you if you’re using American or British English, how you feel about em dashes, your stance on semicolons, and other questions pertaining to your style.

You will be asked to submit your manuscript in either a Word or Pages document, double spaced, with a legible twelve point font. We will edit using track changes.