Rosalie Watson

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Rosalie Watson is a twenty-one-year-old pre-med student living in the small town of Silverstone, Texas. She has a loving family, perfect friends, and the ability to heal any living thing. As the citizens of Silverstone begin to go missing, however, Rosalie begins to wonder who or what could be behind the disappearances — she also begins to wonder just how realistic her view of the world really is. 

When she makes a few new friends, she’ll discover a world of magic and mystery unlike anything she ever imagined.

There are dark turns just around every corner, and darkness is creeping into Rosalie’s perfect life. Every facet of her being is under threat, and every part of her is about to be challenged. 

No one’s life be flawless forever, but perhaps with her newfound knowledge, Rosalie can keep hers just the way it is.

All she has to do is live.

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One year later, Silverstone is trying to forget what happened. Rosalie, however, simply can't. Especially not when she's attacked in her own home. Now the threats are greater than ever, and Rosalie has no choice but to fight back. She'll have plenty of help, but will it be enough?