Art by Kevin Schooler


Rosalie Watson

Rosalie Watson is a pre-med student who loves her friends and family more than anything. When she discovered that she had a few super human abilities, she formed an unbreakable bond with her adorable orange tabby cat, Twyla. Rosalie's strength and resilience will be put to the test every step of the way. Through out her journey, she'll discover who she is and who she can really trust. 

Jenna Rodgers

Jenna is bubbly, fun, and full of energy. She's also Rosalie's best friend. Ever since they met in their first year of college, they've been inseparable. Jenna is the glue that holds everyone together and the light on the cloudiest of days. When worst comes to worst, Rosalie couldn’t ask for a better friend.

Ryder Arkwright

As a huldrir himself, Ryder and Rosalie have a connection that runs deep. He’s smart and resourceful — someone Rosalie trusts with her life.


Weston Harvey

Wes and Rosalie have known each other their entire lives. Their mothers are best friends, so they've watched one another grow up and have become almost inseparable over the years. Wes is one of Rosalie's most trusted allies. He's known her secrets since the beginning and she knows she can trust him. 


Liam Watson

With incredible powers of his own, Liam will do whatever it takes to save his family. As his world continues to shift, he’ll have to adapt and change along with it. Just like his sister, he’s lost everything, and he’ll have to fight to get it back.


Lily Rodgers

Lily is passionate about everything she does, and she values loyalty and practicality above all else. As she dives deeper into the world of magic, she’ll uncover dark secrets and discover herself along the way.

Jackson Bulgari

Tall, dark, and handsome. What more could you want in a man? Jackson has charisma like no other and he's not afraid to show it. He's a firefighter who is dedicated to saving lives and making the world a better place.


Savannah Smith

Savannah is as sweet as she is beautiful. Her calm and charming demeanor let's you know that you can trust her. She runs an animal hospital and she couldn't be more passionate about her work.

Simon Harland

Simon has a personality that is simply magnetic. Originally from London, he moved to the United States when he was just twenty years old. Once he got to Texas, he started working as a firefighter in the small town of Silverstone where he met his best friend, Jackson. When you're with Simon, there's never a dull moment. There's just something about him that lights up the room.


Veronica Malum

Veronica is smart and sassy. On top of that, she knows what she wants and she isn't afraid to go for it. She's never afraid to speak her mind. But what will all of that mean for Rosalie?


Ramiro Perez

As Lily’s longtime mentor, Ramiro has a few tricks up his sleeve. How much will the gang need him before all of this is over?


Alice McLean

Shy, confused, and all alone — after a one fateful meeting with Rosalie and her friends, her life will change forever.